The Best Handmade Gift Ideas

There are so many handcrafted gifts to choose from, that you might find the thought of choosing the best handmade gifts for a woman friend rather daunting, especially if you don’t yet know her well. Buying handmade gifts for her gets easier as your relationship grows.

So what’s out there? Do you want conventional gifts such as handcrafted pens, or pen sets, or perhaps she might like a stylish ash perfume atomizer to keep on her dressing table? If she is unconventional in her tastes, she might like a shimmer wall. Handcrafted speciality soaps might go down well with her too. There are many choices when you look for handmade gifts for her.

There are many occasions when you need to buy gifts for her, and she might be a maiden aunt, your mother, grandmother, or your significant other, a friend, colleague and so on.

Homemade gift ideas for her

If you are of an artistic bent, make your own gift for your mother, colleague or friend. Such gifts can be taken in a variety of ways though. They will either be considered thoughtful or a cheap way of giving a present, so you need to consider who you are thinking of making the gift for. If your friend buys designer labels and expensive jewellery, she might not appreciate a handmade gift. However, if the present is for your grandmother or your doting mother, the handmade gift will be much appreciated.

If you have a craft related hobby and have been pursuing it for years, the items you produce will probably be at the least close to shop-bought standards, or they may be even better than mass-produced items.

You might enjoy candle making, for example, so you could craft an original scented candle to give your loved one as a present. Most women like and appreciate scented candles.

Handmade Gifts For Her

If you are female and buying for a female friend, then you probably know of the things she likes and hates. With many handmade gift ideas on this site, you are welcome to browse.
Because the emphasis is on the wooden items, none are identical. The grain is different, and the items made from different wood, ash, maple, and others.

Why not look at our Bella range of ballpoint pens? Their modern design and colours are much appreciated by our discerning female customers. Many women appreciate holding slimline pens and pencils, and we have a range of these too. Our site is full of unusual gift ideas and, all handcrafted.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

You probably know for every year of marriage, there’s a material traditionally given. Here we have a few examples: –

• First wedding anniversary–paper
• Second wedding anniversary–cotton
• Third wedding anniversary–leather
• Fourth wedding anniversary–either linen and silk or fruit and flowers
Fifth wedding anniversary–wood

You can cheat a little with these ideas as you could purchase one of our products and gift wrap it in the attractive designer paper for the first anniversary. Willow products are traditionally given for 9th wedding anniversaries.

Intarsia Wall Art

Perhaps you would like to purchase a decorative wooden carving to put on the wall. Every time the woman for whom you bought it sees it, she will think of you.
Intarsia artwork is centuries old. It spread through the Arab world after the 7th century although this art began well before that. Intarsia work typically uses pieces of wood although sometimes interspersed with other hard materials such as ivory and bone.

Some of the finest examples of the art of intarsia can be found in Europe’s cathedrals after originating in mosques in Andalusia (after the Arabs conquered Spain) and intarsia is also to be found in North African minarets. If you buy our intarsia wall art pieces, its intricacy will fascinate you.

Willow Tree Symbolism

In the Celtic, Ogham trees are important and have symbolic meanings. The willow in the ancient Celtic calendar, is the female tree, the tree of the goddess. It is a slender, elegant tree which is very flexible and can bend without snapping in high winds. The male tree in the calendar is the oak.

The willow tree governed by the moon and the tree of people born between April 15th and May 12th. Those born during this period said to have psychic abilities and also credited with having artistic abilities.

Welsh Love Spoons

Since the 17th century, Welsh men have been carving love spoons from wood to present to the woman they wish to marry. The tradition continues today to a lesser extent. These days handmade love spoons can be purchased in Welsh museums and craft shops.

Some traditional symbols carved into Welsh love spoons listed below: –

• a bell, or bells. These symbolise harmony and occur on spoons given for wedding anniversaries.
• chains symbolise steadfastness and loyalty and can also show how many children desired; shown with the number of links of the chain. The chain also shows the wish to be always together.
• the Celtic Knot. This symbolises eternal love.
• the lock. This shows the man’s desire to look after the woman he has chosen to be his wife. It also denotes security.
• a heart is the usual symbol of love, and on a love spoon, there may be two hearts, either separate or entwined.
• they sometimes represent the dragon on a love spoon. The dragon is the Welsh national symbol and is on the Welsh flag.
• a twisted stem shows that two will live as one after their marriage.

Online Gift Shop

If you continue to browse this online gift shop, I am sure you will find the perfect handmade gift for her. With handmade gifts for her birthday, for Valentine’s day, and for Christmas and EID. The larger items great for wedding presents, and a woman will always be pleased with an exquisite wooden box to keep jewellery or other bits and bobs in.

If you have any ideas of your own for handmade gifts for her, please use the contact us form on this website, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. If we can make a unique gift for her, we will.

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