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Sorry I Have Been Quiet Lately
Unique Handcrafted Leather Pen Cases

Sorry I Have Been Quiet Lately

Sorry, I have been quiet lately but with preparing stock for the Christmas craft fairs and some new product lines I have been busy.

Leather Pen Cases

Unique Handcrafted Leather Pen Cases

A leather working friend is now supplying some handcrafted leather cases for my hand made pens in two different styles like this unique blue leather pen case. Dyed an attractive sea blue it has a tooling design on the front and back of the case. The style of the case means it can accommodate different styles of pens from slimline to Sierra. If you would like this case for one of my executive pens, please contact me first so that I can check the fit or have a bespoke case made to fit.

Handmade Razor Handles

Handmade Razor Handles By Whitlock Wooden Designs
Another new product line these handmade razor handles available in a range of colours, wood or resin and different types of high-quality finish such as gun-metal, chrome, or gold plating. This style is all suitable for the Mach 3 razor and Venus cartridges that are available on the high street. The wooden
Curly Maple Mach 3 Razor Handle

razor handles such as this curly maple are all finished to the same high standard as my wooden pens. Sealing the wood will stop the natural oils from your hands staining and discoloring the woods, also as this handle will be in close contact with water it needs to sealing and protection from water ingress.

A Mach 3 handmade razor handle will make a great gift for Father’s Day or as Christmas stocking filler gifts for your “old man.”

Luxury Pens

I am expanding the range of executive rollerball pens with pens such as this Snow blossom lilac rollerball pen. Handcrafted with the highest quality materials and available with different plated finishes, these pens are great corporate gifts for the busy executive.

This gold Aphrodite caramel handmade fountain pen is the best pen made so far and is a particular favourite at the moment. All these new luxury pens are the wife’s inspiration.

These two pens are favourites now with others to follow as time and fairs allow. If you would like to follow me for updates you can sign up to our newsletter here, or you can follow me on all the social media channels.

You may also find us at a craft event, we display at fairs up and down the countryside not just the Northampton area.

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