Getting the correct size is definitely the most important part in buying any ring. There are many factors to consider when ordering a ring, follow our advice below to get the perfect size.

Best way to determine the right size is to visit at least two high street jewellers stores (Ernest Jones and HM Samuel) see if both agree on size. A ring’s width can affect the measurement of your finger, so try on a sample of a similar width to the ring that you would like to order.

If ordering from our online shop, we offer a free service where we can post a simple test band to you.

Ring Sizing Guide Conversion Chart

Free Ring Sizing Gauge

If you want to order a free plastic multisizer ring strip, please contact me  (just leave your address details and name)

This multi-sizer works, forming a ring belt, adjusting for a comfortable fit, then read the size. The famous multi-sizer is marked with British Ring Sizes A-Z.

Multi size ring gauge

The total width is 5mm. When using the ring size measure we recommend you try it at different time points through the day at home and work. These locations will vary in temperatures letting your digits swell hot or cold. If you are planning to purchase a wider ring of an 8mm width, you will probably need to increase ring size by a half size. I don’t suggest using dental floss, paper or string to measure as these are not accurate to measure rings.

A perfectly sized ring is one that you forget that you’re wearing. For most of us there is no such thing as the perfect-fitting size. All fingers change in size depending on weather, temperature, exercise, hormones, etc. There will be days when rings are slightly tight and others when a little loose. It’s normal that chosen rings feel tighter over summer months and looser through winter months.

Beware that temperature can affect sizes. It’s best to get measured with a ring diameter that’s close to the width of your intended design in a neutral climate.

Finger Shapes:

Less talked about but an issue to consider is finger shape when purchasing a ring. Shape plays a big role in determining the size.

Those that taper away from the hand without a prominent knuckle should ensure a snug fit at the finger base without permanently leaving an indent or skin bulging.

Those that have a wide knuckles should find a balance; the trick is to get the nearest size that fits snugly over it. This will require using slightly more force when you slide the ring on and remove.

Surprise Gift

If you want a ring as a wedding anniversary or engagement present borrow an existing piece of jewellery to check size. Another method to secretly place it on one of your hands and mark a line where it touches.

We create each item to customer specification sizes. Please be aware these items are handmade with wood and metal here in the UK. We have no stock, each is custom made too customers specifications. Bear in mind resizing is not possible, the wood and lacquer will crack.

International delivery worldwide simply select at checkout. Dependent on our workload these can take two weeks to craft, we are busier around holiday seasons. Remember, a 1 year no worry guarantee on our bands.

If you’re unsure about size, it’s best to see a couple of professional jewellers for measuring. If you have another question, don’t hesitate to email me.