Handmade Pink Ballpoint Pen Gift Set


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A set hand turned in my UK workshops using traditional tools and techniques. This pink pen has a high-quality rhodium plated trim from the Bella range. The ball pen uses a Parker style G2 black ink pen refill with replacements available from any high street stationery shop.

A matching refillable perfume pen which you use to fill with your own favourite fragrance. The perfume will soak into the internal fabric reservoir and soaks onto the removable tip. Even with the tip removed the perfume can only evaporate so perfect for travel and not a problem at customs.

Hand crafted from a pink crush effect acrylic resin with lots of pearlescence. First drilled with the appropriately sized holes then hand turned to round and shape. Once shaped they need sanding and polishing from 120 grit to 12000 grit for a highly polished durable finish.

Pens as gifts is a wonderful thought and a little different from the normal jewellery and this beautiful set will make quality handcrafted gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

Both of these may be bought separately the perfume applicator or the Pink Pen

The Handmade Pen Set Details

  • Use Your Own Favourite Perfume
  • Perfume Applicator
  • Parker Style G2 Black Refill
  • Gift Box Included
  • Handcrafted In The UK


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