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White Pens

Looking for White Ball Point Pens? White ballpoint pens have the elegant sort of feel to them. White is a symbol of purity, after all. However, we also have some amazing black and white swirl designs in this ballpoint pens category.

These ballpoint pens are handmade right here in our shop in the UK and offer some uniquely special as a kind gesture. Every unit is crafted and sanded by hand to have the perfect gloss. Once you hold our writing implements in your hands, you will know that you are holding fine quality and craftsmanship. It is very clear in the feel and weight, but also, it’s balance. Having a pen made by hand on a Lathe has a completely different feel than having one simply injection moulded. These pens have balance in the entire body of the pen.

Not wanting a pen? We do offer other amazing white gift ideas for him or her. Each pen comes in an amazing gift box that is of the quality you’d only expect. If you are in search of a unique and handcrafted gift, look no further than Whitlock Wooden Designs, as your trusted source in handmade gift pens. We are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our pens is second to none.  And, we offer fast shipping services for those times when you may be running out of time to get delivery.

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