Wooden Wall Art

Our wooden wall art pieces are some of the exquisite pieces we offer.  Each piece done by hand.  The colours and the selection are all done individually to give that piece of art it’s correct to look.  Wall art designed by us for you is very detailed.  Handcrafting these pieces takes a lot of time and effort.  However, we love the way they turn out. Getting just the right blend of the various wooden tones offers that perfect look.

If you are in the market for a conversation starter, our wooden intarsia fits the bill.  Getting something that is so unique and handcrafted as a gift, is an honour.  Giving such a unique and special gift will make your heart smile.  These pieces of wall art can’t be found anywhere else.  They are all created and made right here in our wood shop in the United Kingdom. We hand select each piece we will use in our art and work it into the wall hanging.  These come out so gorgeous in person and we love making them.

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