Beautiful Wooden Rings

Wood is an eco-friendly, and renewable material that makes superb rings for individuals and couples.

Handcrafted wooden rings uniquely shaped to suit you are a joy to wear and own. A wooden ring has many advantages for jewellery – tone colour, and distinctive patterns between 4 – 8 mm width. Layering and inserting other materials give increased decorative options using multiple kinds of wood, metals, and gemstones.

Wood is warm to the touch and comfortable in cold or hot weather. An added benefit is that each ring is hypoallergenic and will not irritate sensitive skin. All custom wooden rings are hand crafted to fit the individual wearer, making a romantic set of wood wedding rings or engagement rings with a uniquely personal design.

Creating a Wooden Ring

There are four standard styles of creating a ring with wood. We use a selection of hardwoods perfect for wooden wedding rings to show grain and colours.

Solid Wood

A simple solid section of wood is the starting block. A drill creates the inner space to fit the finger. The ring is turned, buffed, and polished with beeswax for an organic water-resistant finish. Alternatively, they can be protected by a high-grade lacquer for an enduring waterproof finish.
These rings are economical and showcase the beauty of the chosen woods from pale maple, warm yew, patterned exotics, and deep black ebony.

Layered Rings

The same process as for a solid wood block, but with a laminated block. Glueing layers together creates a multi-wood laminated block that has greater strength than a single wood. Plus, it can produce attractive striped rings by using carefully selected timber with excellent contrast. The laminated technique enables the use of exquisite woods that are too fragile to use in single wood rings but add a stunning element to handmade wood rings.

Metal and Wood Rings

These composite rings are created by inlaying wood strips into a titanium or tungsten ring. Polished woods and metals are a classic combination, and the ring benefits from the durability of the metal as a base layer. These inlay rings are the best, elegant and an excellent option for everyday wear.

Bentwood Rings

Wood is an exceptionally versatile product that can be curved by the skilful use of steam and adhesives. The curves of traditional shaker boxes and chairs use this method. We form bentwood rings using these traditional wood bending techniques. The resulting handcrafted wood rings are durable, waterproof and benefits from plenty of exciting options.

Why Choose Wood for Your Ring?

Wood is an astonishing resource that creates lovely jewellery and wedding rings that are as unique as the wearer. You can pick a wooden ring for the colouring, pattern, or style for an elegant piece of jewellery for special occasions or as wedding bands. Alternatively, you may prefer to select wood for its symbolism from the Celtic, Christian, or other tradition. You may have a sentimental attachment to a tree or a bit of furniture and want to capture a part of this in your wooden engagement rings.

Our collection of wooden rings is always expanding with woods and creative elements. If you can’t see one you like please contact me to discuss your idea.
Using hardwood as the ring material gives numerous options at an affordable price compared with commissioning a shop-bought ring. These are all comfortable, easy to look after, made from a renewable source and links you to the natural world.

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