Wooden Jewellery

Wood is a superb material for creating jewelry because each piece is unique. The grain and colour depend on the tree type and its experience (amount of rain, hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters) while growing. Local crafters working in a hut with hand tools for a millennia using locally sourced materials to produce gifts.

Handmade wooden jewellery is beautiful, renewable, and comfortable to wear. Skillful shaping and finishing enhance the colour and grain, making the pendant, rings or cufflinks both tactile and strikingly attractive. Wood is a renewable resource that has little impact on the environment when harvested compared to mining for metal ores.

Planting forests for future timber harvests improves the environment and provides natural habitats for wildlife.

Wearing a wooden necklace gives you a daily connection with nature but has other benefits:

  1. Natural material that does not cause an allergic reaction.
  2. A porous material that allows the skin to breathe.
  3. Durable and will last for generations.
  4. Does not tarnish and is straightforward to clean.
  5. Remains cool in summer and warm in winter and is comfortable next to the skin.

Elvis Presley sang about not having a wooden heart, but the song comes from an old German folk song. We know black forest carving for its whimsical charm, but the practice of whittling hearts as a love token across Europe along with carving hearts on trees, wooden spoons, and small objects was available to any man with a sharp knife. A beautifully finished wooden heart as a pendant is a love token that is eco-friendly, enduring, and a joy to wear.

Our Wooden Jewellery Necklaces 

A turned wooden pendant is a charming trinket that is comfortable to wear in all seasons and suits all dress styles from office formal to the casual weekend. Only skilled artisans can make pendants like these, and all are special tactile items that showcase the natural beauty of the woods and Petra.

Cufflinks add an individual style to any man’s outfit. Psychologically they send a message that here is a man who takes pride in his appearance, and studies show that people believe men wearing cufflinks are more professional at their work-the details matter. A pair of wooden cufflinks make an extraordinary statement – here is a man who appreciates the beauty of the world, the skill of a craftsman, and prefers quality to quantity.

Choose your hardwood for its appearance or its significance in your life. A handcrafted necklace or cufflinks means you can always touch it for luck no matter how much glass and steel surrounds you in your daily life.

Read our other customers reviews while browsing our store and buy direct knowing everything is hand made in our workshop.

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