European Pens

Activate these writing instruments by twisting the top and bottom. There is nothing like writing with a smooth, well-built pen. This can make you feel more creative and more connected to the written word. We are in days with laptops and computers are the way most people communicate, however, sometimes the written words make sense. Getting that perfect feeling pen in hand will feel like a sense of power. People that use pens to sign contracts often or bankers would find our designs a great asset.

We manufacture these by hand on a wood-turning lathe, in the UK.  The quality is far superior to that of mass production.  Our pens all come one of a kind and there are not two alike on the planet.  Not only are our writing implements functional, but they also offer amazing smooth writing and are remarkably handsome.  We produce designs in all sizes, colours, and shapes to accommodate the various styles of our clients.  The pens polished to perfection and delivered in a unique gift box. Stunning gift sets available with a retractable mechanical pencil for special occasions or daily use.

Getting the perfect gift for that man that has everything isn’t impossible with Whitlock Wooden Designs, we have something unique for everyone on your list.  Everything is handmade right here in our shop.  And, quality is top-notch.  This process takes time and skill, but the end results are amazing.  Giving a gift that is handmade supports the local artisans and pleases the recipient.  Fall in love with our rich high-quality products and never use a cheap mass-produced fountain pen again.

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