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Should I Write About Wooden Crafts

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Should I write about wooden crafts I make? Do I have anything to say? Well, I am not sure; I used to hate doing this stuff when I was at school but that was a long time ago and writing about something I love well how hard can it be. The wooden crafts that interest me are intarsia wall art, fine wooden boxes and pen turning in all its forms. I like many more forms of woodwork but have no time. Carving and pyrography and much more than on my Pinterest boards if only there was more time.

At the moment I am concentrating on pen turning, I get to use lots of different woods and people want to buy these creations. I have been a woodworker for fifteen years or more and never dreamed I would be where I am today. What started as a hobby has grown and grown to selling pens all over the world.

Segmented Wooden Cigar Pen
Segmented Wooden Cigar Pen

After, making so many wood and resin pens I am now experimenting more and more with the segmented patterns. This pen, is stunning, it must be good because I wasn’t looking at it and not liking it. Some things I make I am not sure about when finished do you get that?. The choice of wood or the shape of the design or both?. Have a look at the other big cigar pens to see how the wood affects the appearance of each.

I made the segmented wooden rollerball pen on the left below using padauk and maple woods. The pen on the right is a Sierra with a brick design using sycamore wood.

A Wooden Rollerball Pen Using Three Different Woods
A Wooden Rollerball Pen Using Three Different Woods
A Segmented Brick Design On A Sierra
A Segmented Brick Design On A Sierra
Cherry European With Childrens Colouring Pencils
Cherry European With Children’s Colouring Pencils

This last shot is still a work in progress and I am not sure how it will turn as each one different depending on how the blank cut out of the block, also on what pen to put it on for best effect. Updates to follow.

Segmented Block Work In Progress
Segmented Block Work In Progress

I am on most of the big social media platforms if you want to follow me on my latest makes and creations. Finally, I want to say a big thank you to my wife for all her support and the effort she puts into social media for me. We can find the pens and other wood craft in the pen shop.