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Should The Wood Be Left Natural Or Treated

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Wood is naturally beautiful and personal preference is to select pieces for colour, grain, or figure in these pen designs or any other wooden crafts for that matter. Sometimes though this is not always possible such as on this handmade wooden fountain pen.

Wenge Handmade Wooden Fountain Pen

The wood used is Wenge from central Africa, Wenge is a beautiful dark colour with chocolate and black grain, it will make stunning furniture or wooden boxes.

Wooden Box Design

These two boxes are hand crafted from the same piece but because of the size, only enough to show the grain to best effect on the right-hand box. These Wenge boxes were made to do double duty at craft fairs with our large pen shop display, one to help presentation of pens and two to help grab attention and as a conversation starter. They are simply a mitred construction with Holly splines through the corners for strength and catch the eye. Although I have a large display with lots of beautiful pens some people do not believe they are handmade even if told in conversation.

Wenge Wooden Boxes

The craft fair display needs to be tough with all the knocks they take but these wooden boxes do stand up well.

Buying pen blanks online can be a bit hit and miss as the timber may be cut for yield and not to show the best figure, which brings us back this pen. If the grain runs along the length of the pen and not on a 15-degree, bias, when polished the pen, will be almost black ( Wenge can be a good substitute for Ebony) such as on this wooden sierra pen.

Wooden Sierra Pen

So, to show the grain to better effect I have treated the wood to try and highlight the grain a little more with household bleach, this will lighten the lighter sections, the grain can be seen better in this photo of the wooden fountain pen than the first.

 Wooden Fountain Pen & Box

Treating the grain is a bit hit and miss as every piece of wood is going to react in a different way but in this particular case it was a big success, the wood is a nice contrast against the high-quality gun-metal trim on this pen. Should I have used a chrome trim? so many design decisions, I would be happy to make it with chrome if you would like to commission a pen. This fountain pen and other designs can be bought from my pen shop.

If you like what I am trying to do with my wooden crafts please look me up on any of the social media channels or try searching for "Whitlock pens" or "Whitlock wooden designs."


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