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A New Steampunk Pen & Monochrome Razor

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Just recently I have experimented with resin and casting my own blanks, now having found a resin that is good and easy to work with lots more are to follow with all the different opportunities this opens up. Being able to make my own colour schemes for pens or customer requests, able to cast blanks to expand the novelty pens like Steampunk or watch part pens and hybrid wooden pens will be a real boon. 

Steampunk Watch Parts Pen

The Steampunk pen is labour intensive to make, sourcing watch parts or broken watches, stripping the watches of usable parts. The base metal work on the pen barrels with all the little details of rivet holes to make and the cogs and other small parts need gluing on, then to cast the tubes in resin before all the normal pen turning work can happen. Once finished, this Steampunk watch parts executive Rollerball pen is just stunning. 

Close Up Details Shot Of Rollerball Pen

Above is a close-up shot showing some of the pens finer details. Another pen is ready to cast, but some modifications to the mould are needed first, so that will follow in a week or two.

Update, the second pen was a fountain pen with a completly different look.

Watch Parts Rollerball Pen With Steam Punk Design

Monochrome Safety Razor

Also this week I have a new monochrome custom safety razor handle to go along side the Mach 3 razor handles. The chrome hardware does make this stand out and just in time for anyone stuck for Father's Day gift ideas.

Custom Night & Day Safety Razor Handle

Along with the other things to cast above, a new line in badger shaving brushes is in the pipeline.

Bella Executive Pens

Last but not least the range of Bella executive pens with its stylish design and a higher quality rhodium plating will be expanding. Here are two more to be going on with, first a Myrtle burr designer ballpoint pen

Myrtle Burr Designer Ballpoint Pen

and second a Bella ballpoint pen with the barrel designed to look like the long island iced tea drink it even has the crushed ice effect.

Designer Long Island Ballpoint Pen With Gift Box

All these high-quality Bella design pens use a Parker G2 style refill available from my pen shop, or with a wider range of coloured inks and different types available in any of the high street stationery shops.

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