Choose the Right Drill Sharpening Machine for Your Workshop

Drill Sharpening Machines: Need Help Choosing The Right Workshop Bit Sharpner?

When it comes to re-sharpening bits and other tools, you should choose the best drill sharpening machine that can do the job. You want a high-speed corundum grinding wheel that can accept a range of drill bits.

After trying four of them, here are my impressions over the past couple of decades.

What Are Some Factors To Consider In Choosing The Best Drill Sharpening Machine?

A few criteria determine our list when buying the best drill bit sharpeners. The most crucial factor is the sort of basic equipment you need. For example, do you want to create a 118° or 135° point angle without guesswork?

Another thing to consider is the cost and capabilities of the brands. The Drill Doctor DD350X, for example, is affordable with a diamond stone. But it can only create 118° angles, so remember that if you want 135° bits.

tool grinder all setup for correct angle

What Are The Best Drill Sharpeners Available On The Market?

There are many portable drill bit sharpener’s available in various shapes and widths. Some devices are capable of handling varying steel drill bit sizes. In contrast, others have only a few adjustable angles. Plenty of information and training videos are available to help you learn the proper technique.

There’s both low and higher-priced options, with professional grade versions being more expensive. Both hobbyists and professionals can find products that meet their needs.

Portable drill bit sharpeners come in three different sorts, readily available in the market. They are:

  • Electric self-contained: The most popular can hone steel or a carbide drill.
  • Manual drill sharpener machine: This is a handheld jig powered by mains or a cordless drill. It is ideal for smaller sizes.

Bench Grinding Wheels

Several brands of bench grinders are available if you don’t already have one. This Dewalt DW758 has two abrasive grinding stones with a powerful 3/4 hp induction motor. It’s great for numerous hand tools and other uses but lacks CBN diamonds for harder metal bits.

Which Type Of Sharpener Is Best For Your Needs?

You should consider a few things when purchasing to get an effective tool. The most important decision is whether to purchase a manual or an automatic drill bit sharpener.

Manual sharpeners are cheaper and more versatile, but they require more skill.

Electric drill bit sharpeners are more costly but easier to operate. They can easily handle an assortment of larger drills when they become dull.

Another factor to consider is the variety of angles the sharpener can create. Some can only produce one setting, while others have multiple settings. Cutting angles required vary depending on the kind of drill bit set.

Finally, you should decide what you will drill the most. If you plan to use various materials, choose a quality machine to deal with them all. If you are drilling wood or sheet metals, find a device for those items.

How do you choose a portable jig?
What is your favourite?

How Do You Choose The Right Model For Your Workshop?

Choosing the best system for your workplace needs some thought. First, think about the bit size. If you’re working with lots, choose the DD750X model. If you only sharpen the most common bit diameters, select models like the drill doctor 350X.

Another thing to consider is how often you’ll be using it. Suppose you’re not constantly wearing them out. Investing in a Dremel or a Work-Sharp could prove to be beneficial. If convenience is crucial, try the 500X or 750X benchtop devices.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Drill Bit Sharpening Tool?

There are many benefits why you should use one in your home shop.

  1. HSS drill bits aren’t cheap; keeping them honed can save you money in the long run.
  2. It can aid in completing wood working projects and tasks more successfully.
  3. These are relatively simple tools, so even beginners can get great results.
  4. If you value simplicity, get a benchtop version.

Where Can You Purchase Professional Drill Bit Sharpening Machine?

CN Manufacturing can supply a professional quality industrial drill sharpener with attachments. A good drill grinder costs between $259.00 and $270.00 with a heavy metal construction.

But for the budget-conscious woodworker or sole tradesman, check out the reviews below.

Best Seller

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener

The Drill Doctor DD750X is a powerful diamond drill bit sharpening tool that can sharpen a wide range of sizes. It can customize the angle symmetry to create anything from 115 to 140 degrees. The 750X is large enough to accept dormer bits up to 3/4 in and can create or sharpen split-point drill bits. It handles pretty much anything, black oxide, high-speed steel and carbide material.


  • Precision varies, but overall it works well.
  • It’s small and easily stored.
  • The price is reasonable for what you receive.
  • Creates a sharp edge within minutes.


  • The split points cut off too much material.
  • The motor runs out of power and often stalls mid-point.
  • The plastic spring mechanism blocks the chuck from rotating to the full extent.
  • This would be better if it were designed by a more capable engineer.

Drill Doctor 500X

Drill Doctor 500X

The DD500X is a powerful sharpener that works with a selection from 3/32-inch to 1/2-inch. Because of its capacity to sharpen split-point bits, the Drill Doctor DD500X is useful for any workplace. An optional left-hand and 3/4 collet chuck are available as accessories.


  • Save a fortune over time on repetitive tasks
  • Instructions are understandable and comprehensive.
  • Easy to use.


  • A learning curve is needed until skills improve.
  • Constant practice is the key to success!

The DD350X is a lower-priced option with a 180-grit diamond wheel. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your dull drill bits in shape, the 350X is a fantastic choice.

The X2 offers versatility and convenience in a single package. It sharpens drill bits, knives, scissors, and other edged tools. This is the perfect solution for those who value versatility.

Nearly half a century under the Darex brand, they have plenty of customer service support.

My Favourite

Multi-Sharp 2001 Universal Jig

Multi-Sharp 2001 Universal Jig

This multi-purpose sharpener is a handy tool for your workplace or on-site. It works for Brad-point, Flat Wood, SDS-Plus or old drill bits with 3-13mm diameters. The tool has all the angles for perfect angle geometry built in.
Just clamp a bit over the abrasive wheel for the correct tip and relief angles. Restoring them to their original state is quick, preventing premature replacement. Based on a 6.5mm diameter, the aluminium oxide and silicon carbide wheels can sharpen at up to 150 steel/wood drill bits and 75 masonry/SDS-Plus bits.
Replacement spare parts can easily be purchased should they wear down over time. The jig is of big value as it extends the life of the twist bit by years!


  • The product does what it’s supposed to do!
  • Works well for the price and is worth every penny.
  • Has lots of positive feedback.


  • A soft grit composition that wears quickly.
  • Build quality.
  • Ties up a cordless or power drill.
  • No storage for parts (I use a Tupperware box).

BGS 3200 Drill Grinding Attachment

BGS 3200 Drill Grinding Attachment

This large drill bit sharpening jig for a bench grinder is used in conjunction with a standard wheel to hone between 3mm-19mm diameters. The accessory is clamped to the grinding table with the provided screw and positioned so a dull bit can be inserted. The angle can be adjusted to create either 118-degree or 135-degree point angles.


  • There are videos online that also help.
  • Excellent finish with some practice.
  • Nothing to wear out, so it lasts.


  • Safety side protection has to be removed.
  • Poor instructions.

Universal Knife Blade, Planer, HSS Drill & Electric Chisel Sharpening Machine

Universal Knife Blade, Planer, HSS Drill & Electric Chisel Sharpening Machine

Suppose you’re looking for a versatile and reliable piece of kit. In that case, this economy grinding station is a great option for DIY users. This can be used for knives, chisels, and drills, making it handy for many tasks in your home.

It has a 96W motor and a speed of 1350rpm, so it can handle most things. Plus, it ensures you can work with even the longest scissor or knife blades quickly and easily.


  • Compact construction with a small footprint.
  • Appropriate for general household items.
  • Cheap for what it does.


  • Power is not enough.
  • Multiple poor reviews.
  • It’s functional, but if it were me, I’d look elsewhere.

Tormek DBS-22 Grinding Device

Tormek DBS-22 Grinding Device

The high quality DBS-22 includes a base, guide, and setting template gauge. The particular drill type is held in a dedicated fixture on the bench grinder water wheel for a custom cutting edge. It can accommodate a big range between 3 – 22 mm. Once fitted onto any model, you can accurately create a four-facet tip.

At the heart of the Tormek System is the Water Cooled Sharpening Machine with eight years warranty. This utilizes a unique wet grinding technique that combines water cooling with the rotational movement of the grinding wheel. The water-cooling feature ensures that cutting tools are kept cool and prevents the loss of temper in heat-treated tools, preserving their hardness and longevity.

There are also products and fixtures for axes, knife blades, carving and woodturning gouges.


  • Creates the perfect chisel edge.
  • The correct angle and relief angle have micro adjustment.
  • An impressive tool and worth the money if you don’t mind the investment for the long term.
  • Dial in exact settings.


  • Super expensive unless you already have the Tormek setup.
  • Slow process.
  • All jigs are pricey.

How Often Should You Use Sharpening Jigs To Keep Your Drills In Good Condition?

Using a twist drill sharpening tool is a good idea whenever they go blunt. This will maintain your tool kit in excellent order with precise grinding work.

There are heavy-duty tool grinders such as the GP-01,21,34, and GP-35 series. Maintains steel and carbide drill bits with minimal cleaning. These have an array of collets taking less than 10 seconds to have things looking as good as new!

What Are Some Tips and Things To Avoid In Your Work shop?

There are a few things to beware of with a HSS drill sharpener:

  • If you are only seldom using it, choose a suitable brand for your needs.
  • Do not pick a complicated design if ease of operation is important to you. Make sure it is easy to set up and use to get the most out of it.
  • If you already own a grinder, consider getting an attachment that lets you use it there.
  • Be aware of the space it requires-you don’t want it taking up room on your workbench!

What Are The Different Features Of Drill Grinding Machine Tools?

When choosing a drill bit grinder machine, consider the functions that each business brand offers. Some are more accurate than others, while others can sharpen a particular type of drill bit. Others give greater control over the whole polishing process, which might be crucial.

It is essential to consider how often and what sort of drilling you do most often. Pick a cheaper model drill doctor if you’re only resharpening the most commonly used bits. If handling larger bits, an upgrade to a tool with more abilities and durability is worth it.

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