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Feed the craft blogThis blog talks about my journey with wooden crafts such as wall art intarsia, marquetry or inlay.  Making handmade pens with either wood or resin, sometimes adding things to the resin for a little novelty. Sometimes to use a technique or skill from one craft and try to incorporate it into another all the while pushing my skill levels.

Some inspiration if you need it with wooden gifts for him and her on all gift occasions.

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My Top 10 wood gifts for 5th anniversary Recommendations

My Top 10 wood gifts for 5th anniversary Recommendations

Traditionally wooden presents for a fifth Anniversary. It symbolizes strength and stability for the relationship bond as the physical property of wood is strong and long-lasting. It should go without saying but the fifth anniversary gift should carry the qualities of wood. The most important part of a successful gift is that your partner likes …

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Cleaning refillable perfume atomisers

Cleaning Refillable Perfume Atomisers

First off although cleaning perfume atomiser bottle isn’t that hard, have a look at these 5ml replacement perfume atomiser bottles. You can have a favourite perfume with you in the daytime and change the bottle later for going out in the evening. [no_toc] If you want to clean the perfume bottle out first remove the …

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How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

How To Make 3 Segmented Pen Blanks

Well, I’m back with more to say about making segmented blanks. Since the last blog among all the other segmented pen work, I think two ballpoints stand out. The first segmented pen is a hybrid. Although it’s an easy segmented pen design it, needs a little effort in making it but so does anything worth …

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Wooden Intarsia Wall Art

Woodworking can take many forms as the following wooden intarsia wall art. Some will tell you they have spent a lifetime doing woodwork and still learning every day. With so many rabbit holes to trip you up and slow you down as this article on other media. The following three wooden crafts have had my admiration …

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Turquoise Hybrid Wooden Ballpoint Pen

Other Media With Wooden Crafts

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. Maybe in the New Year, you will want to try something different even inspired to do your own woodworking ideas. Lots of benefits of crafting or just the pleasure of making something with your own hands. [no_toc] Other Materials I …

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Acrylic Cocktail Pens

Handmade Pens Offer More Variety

These handmade pens offer far more variety in both style and materials than the mass-produced fare from the big boys. The artisan can quickly make one-off pens or small batches with unique materials. [no_toc] The slimline pens that most pen turners make are adaptable to different styles and designs. Although not the best pen to …

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Watch Parts Executive Rollerball Pen With Steam Punk Design

A New Steampunk Pen & Monochrome Razor

Just recently I have experimented with resin and casting my steampunk pen blanks. Now having found a resin that is good and easy to work with lots more is to follow with all the different opportunities this opens. Being able to make my colour schemes for pens or customer requests, able to cast blanks to expand …

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Should The Wood Be Left Natural Or Treated

Should The Wood Be Left Natural Or Treated

Wenge pens should the wood be left natural or treated?. Wood naturally beautiful and preference to select pieces for colour, grain, or figure in these pen designs or any other wooden crafts.Sometimes though this is not always possible such as on this fountain pen. [no_toc] The Wenge wood used comes from central Africa. Wenge a beautiful dark colour with …

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