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Feed the craft blogThis blog talks about my journey with wooden crafts such as wall art intarsia, marquetry or inlay.  Making handmade pens with either wood or resin, sometimes adding things to the resin for a little novelty. Sometimes to use a technique or skill from one craft and try to incorporate it into another all the while pushing my skill levels.

Some inspiration if you need it with wooden gifts for him and her on all gift occasions.

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Stainless steel rings pros and cons

Stainless Steel Rings Pros And Cons

Stainless steel as a wedding ring has plenty to recommend it-affordable and retains its lustre and gleam for years. The pros and cons of stainless steel rings are in the spotlight. Desirable, stylish, and the preferred choice for personal and wedding jewelry for many people. What is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel is a highly durable …

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10 best expensive fountain pens

10 Best Expensive Fountain pens

Expensive fountain pens can come in varying shapes, colours or sizes. They serve different purposes such as gifts along with writing tools. Pen’s size, shape, nib, ink colour affect the way you write. For your handwriting quality, you must choose the best pens. Pens have unique styles and manufactured from different materials. There are plastic, …

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23 Best Quotes About Pens And Paper

23 Best Quotes About Pens And Paper

A few famous and inspiring quotes about pens and writing implements from well known and not so well-known people. Inspirational quotes to motivate, inspire or just think upon while using pens. Feel free to save the best quote for your office desk. With all written about pens if I have missed anything significant or a quotation just …

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5 Best Tips Choosing Novelty Gifts

5 Best Tips Choosing Novelty Gifts

What, are novelty gifts? My dictionary defines “novelty” as a condition of being new or novel; Originality; A new item; Development; a little mass-developed trinket. I think of these novelty items as theme-of-interest gifts. They can be just about anything related to a vast subject, or a very focused one. These gadgets are not your …

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