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Feed the craft blogThis blog talks about my journey with wooden crafts such as wall art intarsia, marquetry or inlay.  Making handmade pens with either wood or resin, sometimes adding things to the resin for a little novelty. Sometimes to use a technique or skill from one craft and try to incorporate it into another all the while pushing my skill levels.

Some inspiration if you need it with wooden gifts for him and her on all gift occasions.

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Segmented Barber Pole Pen

Making A Barber Pole Design Pen

What is the meaning of the barber pole? The traditional colouring of a barber’s pole is red and white. The red strip represents blood, and the white stripe represents bandages. Historically, barbers were also surgeons, and the red and white stripes represented the blood and bandages they used while performing surgery. When did the barber …

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Wooden Wedding Rings The Good & Bad

Wooden Wedding Rings: The Good & Bad

Wooden rings are not new, and alternative metal wedding bands are gaining popularity over traditional precious metal rings. These wood wedding rings are in tune with today’s values – higher regard for the planet, yearning for a connection with the natural world as well as with your life partner. Why Choose Wooden Wedding Rings pros …

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