This blog talks about my journey with wooden crafts such as wall art intarsia, marquetry or inlay.  Making handmade pens with either wood or resin, sometimes adding things to the resin for a little novelty. Sometimes to use a technique or skill on from one craft and try to incorporate into another all the while pushing my skill levels.

Some inspiration if you need it with wooden gifts for him and her on all gift occasions.

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First off although cleaning perfume atomiser bottle isn't that hard, have a look at these 5ml replacement perfume atomiser bottles. You can have a favourite perfume with you in the…

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Cleaning Refillable Perfume Atomisers

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Should I write about wooden crafts I make? Do I have anything to say? Well, I am not sure; I used to hate doing this stuff when I was at school but that was a long time ago and writing about…

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Should I Write About Wooden Crafts

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Wooden Intarsia Wall Art
Wooden Intarsia Wall Art Home Decor By Whitlock Wooden Designs

Woodworking can take many forms as the following wooden intarsia wall art. Some will tell you they have spent a lifetime doing woodwork and still learning every day. With so…

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Wooden Intarsia Wall Art

Sorry I Have Been Quiet Lately
Unique Handcrafted Leather Pen Cases

Sorry, I have been quiet lately but with preparing stock for the Christmas craft fairs and some new product lines I have been busy. Leather Pen Cases A leather working friend is now supplying some…

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Sorry I Have Been Quiet Lately

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I want to take this chance to thank all the customers both from the website and craft fairs. Also, the fans that follow my wooden crafts on all the social media platforms, it has been a busy year. All those that have followed this blog from the start…

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Him