This blog talks about my journey with wooden crafts such as wall art intarsia, marquetry or inlay.  Making handmade pens with either wood or resin, sometimes adding things to the resin for a little novelty. Sometimes to use a technique or skill on from one craft and try to incorporate into another all the while pushing my skill levels.

Some inspiration if you need it with wooden gifts for him and her on all gift occasions.

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Making A Barber Pole Design Pen
Segmented Barber Pole Pen

Before, making a barber pole design pen the block has to be made. Select two contrasting kinds of wood, preference is to use Sapele and sycamore or maple. Rip on the table saw to about…

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Should The Wood Be Left Natural Or Treated
Handmade Wenge Wooden Fountain Pen

Wenge pens should the wood be left natural or treated?. Wood naturally beautiful and preference to select pieces for colour, grain, or figure in these pen designs or any other wooden crafts. Sometimes…

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Is This Herringbone Pen My Best Pen Yet?
2 Gluing Up The Wooden Pen Blank

Is This Herringbone Pen My Best Pen Yet? What do you think is this herringbone pen my best yet? For its class and price point, it is. Yes, I have lots of…

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