What gift for 7th wedding anniversary (11 best ideas)

What Gift For 7th Wedding Anniversary? Our 11 Best Ideas

Marriage is such a beautiful thing. As much as it is a journey full of difficulties, love, compassion, mutual understanding sums it all up. So it is important for married couples to celebrate each year as a milestone they have conquered. Each anniversary has its own theme and celebrated in its own unique way.

The seventh wedding anniversary all about celebrating the security and comfort you give one another. Traditional gifts were copper and wool, they had a theme of warmth attached to them. How about the modern anniversary gifts? Well, it is still fine to get your spouse a copper or woolen gift. However, in the modern times, the best 7th anniversary gifts are desk sets.

7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Having being married for seven years, you already know a lot about your spouse’s taste. You know what type of gifts he or she loves. However, it is always good to explore new ideas. Surprise him or her with something he or she did not expect but still suit their taste. Here are some ideas you should try out:

Thuya, Oak, Ivory Paper Knives

Custom Letter opener

This may seem like an outdated piece of stationery. Even in the wake of technology and modern communication, people still send letters. If you work in a busy office, you can attest to the amount the postman delivers daily. This creates the need for letter openers.

A pair of scissors does the job; but is it special? Surprise your spouse with a good old wooden handled letter opener. It is not just a piece of stationery; it is a magnificent crafted accessory.

If your spouse is into dark colours, the Bog Oak letter opener will make the perfect gift for them. It has a pitch black handle that contrast the shiny silver blade, giving it a look to behold. You can also opt for a rustic brown burl wooden letter opener in case they prefer brighter colours.

Wooden Folder Rack

A desk set can not be complete without a good folder rack, It enables you to keep a tidy desk or work area. You can use it to keep separate groups of folders, files and magazines. This reduces clatter. Besides its obvious functions, it gives your desk a better look by adding some wood to it.

To make it a more personalized gift for your significant other, you can add a custom message to it. You can have a beautiful message of love engraved on one of its phases.

Colourful And Unique Fountain Pens

Hand Crafted Fountain Pens

Add some spice to your spouse’s desk with unique fountain pens. They add a little conspicuous rustic touch to a modern office setting. They are a rare gem and will make your spouse feel special. Fountains are not that common today, however, a wooden fountain pen will arouse some vintage feeling. This makes them special.

Besides the pens, do not forget to grab a black double velvet box. It will come in handy for storing the pens. It is all about complimenting class with more class.

Wooden pen pencil holder

Pen and Pencil Holder

One of the most common things to find on a desk. Does your spouse have one? This could be a meaningful gift for them. Don’t just get any regular pencil holder, they come in many unique designs. Bamboo or rustic wooden pencil holders are artistic and add aesthetic value to your desk.

A regular cuboid-shaped pencil cup would do just fine. However, it would beget something more appealing. You can also have a cute love message written on it to make it a unique 7th anniversary gift for your loved one.

Luxury Rollerballs

Luxury Rollerballs

Ball pens the most common used pens in a modern office not that appealing to be honest. Most made of cheap plastic and nothing unique. They end up spilling ink when writing because of the poor quality of ballpoints.

Luxury rollerball pens are just the right gift. We make them of exotic wood which I craft and haft into other metal components. Your loved one would want to write forever with one of these. Don’t forget to buy refill’s so you don’t have to buy a new pen every single time you the ink is out.

They are such a fine and chic piece of accessory to have on the working desk. If this does not plaster a smile on your spouse’s face, I do not understand what will.

Wooden Desk Mantel Clock

A Wood Desk Clock

Analog mechanical clocks are a timeless, precious accessory to many people. They make such a wonderful and stylish anniversary gift by adding to the look of your desk set. Your loved one would love one of these, regardless of the fact that they already have a watch on the hand and a digital clock on all their devises.

Business Card Holder

Rosewood or Oak Business Card Holder

Does your spouse rely on weird cheap plastic cases to keep their business cards? A wooden business card holder is what they need. Besides playing its primary purpose of keeping business cards, it also improves the image of the desk area.

You can choose with a wood pattern that compliments the desk set up. Rosewood and oak card cases make a great choice. You can also consider bamboo if your partner prefers varnish coloured wood accessories.

If you would like to economize on the desk top working space, you can get an all-in-one wooden desk organiser that has a slot for business cards. That way, you don’t have to buy a separate business card holder. The desk organiser comes with separate slots for pens and other stationery. It also comes in different sizes depending on the size of the desk and what we mean it to accommodate.

Let your spouse know that you care about their workspace. Get them that one piece of stationery or accessory that will always remind them of you whenever they use it or look at it. It shows them you cherish what they do; it is a symbol of love.

Traditional 7th Year Anniversary Gifts

Besides all these, there is a long list of modern anniversary gifts you can get for your 7th wedding anniversary. How about a look at the traditional anniversary gift ideas? These still relevant even in the modern world. Here are personal three favorites which you should consider:

Copper Flower Vase

Copper Ornamental Vase

Whilst remaining relevant to the desk environment, a copper flower vase is a great gift idea. Copper vases are a popular choice since time immemorial. The most attractive part of a copper vase are the beautiful designs and patterns engraved on it. It marches well with the warm wooden rustic theme of the office table. As a complimentary tradition, don’t forget to grab a beautiful bouquet to add glamour to the desk. What is a vase worth without flowers in it?

Copper Bangle

Copper Jewellery

Woven Wool Throw

In the olden times, they regarded copper as a precious metal used it to make exquisite copper gifts for her. In the modern world, copper is not that precious compared to gold and silver. However, it still makes lovely neck pieces or rings. The best thing about copper jewellery is it resembles a dull variety of rose gold. A piece of jewellery made of copper has its own unique, beautiful look.

Woolen Throw

Wool was also an important 7th anniversary gift idea traditionally. You can still add it to your list of gift ideas. A woolen pillow or throw such a cute gift for your wife. She can use it to support her back and sit more comfortable on her desk chair. Wool has a warm and snug feeling to it. She could have it as an ornamental accessory.

It is not all about fancy gifts. Even the little things such as a custom made anniversary card will warm your spouse’s heart. Above all, the best gift for your loved one is the gift of love and a promise to to cheer and to hold each other till death separates. There is no greater gift than this. Your seventh anniversary is the right time to rekindle your love for each other. Reminisce your happy moments, reflect on your low moment and delight your spirit to move ahead in each other’s arms.

I hope this article has helped you find your perfect gift. Please leave your comments below if you have more good ideas.

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